It is Sasha Obama for Me

I ring her twice. I anticipate her picking it up. Somehow, I feel in my intestines that she would decline it or just pick the phone up and damn me to eternal condemnation. I swallow my fear and decide to wait.

I pick my phone up and call for the third time. This time it rings till the ringtone dies. My heart races from this and that corner of my chest cavity. I don’t want to feel as though she is declining it. Maybe she is in the middle of an international meeting, or maybe busy attending to this or that item, or maybe ironing her husband’s suit.

The fourth ring catches me unaware. She picks it up. My hands tremble and my whole body feel numb. However, my heart drum with ecstasy. It dances to the voice that rhythmically massage my eardrums. My heart becomes warm. I can feel blood chirp. My earlobe flap and wriggle to Mitchell Obama’s choice of words.

“Mitchell Obama, who am I speaking to?” She asks. The smoothness, the articulateness and the accuracy in her voice trample on my veins. Her voice is heavenly. My tongue wag simultaneously and become motionless as if stuck on glue.

“I … I am Mr. Hibernator,” I stammer like Moses in his encounter with God. “How can I be of help?” She asks. By God, her voice is super melodious. If this is Mitchell Obama’s voice, what of her daughter’s, Sasha?

How can I tell her that I have an eye for her daughter, Sasha Obama and that I am willing to walk all the way to USA to pour out my heart and shower her daughter with love unending?

Echoes of Memories

One thing she couldn’t deny was the fact that she was in love. She felt love in her skin, she felt it descend her spine, she felt it in her marrows, she felt it flutter her tummy like myriad deranged butterflies.

She was in love with everything. Yes, she was in love. Truly in love with a man, a real man. A man she believed would transmogrify her life. Alter her dismays into merry, turn the world upside down for her. A man who could crash doom into light.

A man who could fulfil all her desires. Those of flesh, heart and life. She truly was in love. She felt it wander from this end to the other of her heart. She felt love in her soul and intestines. She felt love fall like ten thousand stars.

She felt mad, madly in love. She felt like a lunatic or like a mad person searching for the invisible. She felt love squeeze sense out of her. She felt as though flapping in the sky. The sky so wide and blue. She could touch it, smooch it and even brace it warmly in her heart. It felt amazing. It felt promising. It felt eternal.

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