Updated KMTC mortuary science fee structure 2023/2024

In the recent past, Mortuary Science course has gained a lot of popularity. Interest to pursue the course has risen. Although the course is death oriented, many want to pursue it in colleges. Updated KMTC mortuary science fee structure.

With the rising demand, KMTC through management of courses in Kenya has vowed to incorporate it among other courses. This has been done through release of the KMTC mortuary science fees structure.

KMTC body of management and commission has seen it wise to introduce the course in all medical colleges in Kenya. Further, it has made this possible through release of KMTC mortuary science fees structure.

Mortuary science fee structure in Kenya

An opportunity has been put forward for all students who are aspiring to pursue mortuary science in Kenya. Hence, students will be equipped with skills which will help them offer quality services in hospitals.

They will be equipped with certificates that will show that they have successfully attended college and pursued mortuary science to become a mortuary attendant.

KMTC has gone ahead to allocate slots for students who are qualified to join various KMTC colleges all over the country.

Qualifications for a mortuary science course

To join any KMTC college is Kenya, one has to pay a minimum amount of money that ranges from Ksh. 80,000 and Ksh. 100,000.

This amount will cater for a student’s stay in campus including various practical pertaining the course in KMTC.

To be accepted in KMTC colleges in Kenya, a student is required to have scored an aggregate grade of C- minus in KCPE. He/she must have scored well in either English or Kiswahili, biology or chemistry.

Students who passed well with a grade above C- are also encouraged to apply for the course.

Next application dates for mortuary science course

Every March and September of every year, applications for courses at KMTC colleges in Kenya are always open. This year, the first application was in march. The second application was last month, September of this year.

Last, all students wishing to do the course are most welcomed. Let’s do this.

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