Modern African Poetry: Meet me in the Dark

Meet me in the Dark

Meet me in the dark by the blabbering shores

By the darkened waters with shadows gliding

Far and wide and falling like evening dews

Like feathers gliding on surface of water

In smoothness, dumbly and slithering.

By the sleeping willow on glistening sands

By the clasping and tangling roots of mangroves

Griding in the surface as little veins of light

And slithering between rocks sleeping afar.

By the blue water in the fading twilight

In the swirling of wind and dances of trees

In the birds’ quagmire the ogin wide

Like the rippling of water off a cliff.

Meet me in the warmth of dewy grass

In the breeze surging like phantoms

And tides snaking and booming as thunders

On the pure sky with stars scattering

And gloaming on the shoal depths.

Meet me in the dark when the raging roars

Of ocean subsides, silently and calm

Come, let us dangle our feet in the thin water

Let us swerve our veins in the warm sands

And make an oath with our blood and let

The darkness profess the whispers of

Our promise.

©®Biko Iruti.

GOD, I Said Amen

God, I prayed with efficacy

Qui vive I kept like the virgin maidens in wait

But God, tides glid across the ocean with aversion

Like ripples of hail off the blue.

God, thou name I bleated, knees bent, hands raised and face up

With fervent till my throat inflamed and dried as nun’s cunt

Or like dust snoring on an old engine

But still life shut the door behind.

God, I prayed in my innocence, simplicity and stupidity

Thou name I thundered and cried like a fish

In dust I whirled like wind and flapped as an urchin in dump

But God, thou face my eyes saw never.

God, I prayed and said many amens

Many hoping they’d form a solid amen

But still, hunger, taxes and depression baked me.

©Biko Iruti.

Of Anarchy and Liberty

In what day are we, Sunday, yes?

What are you talking about God for?

O, boy;

But religion! And other church nonsense,

Hath a way of blinding civilians

Like, Oh, little sick bat

O, sadness will dissipate

As the sun rises

Hunger will die

Taxes will scamper in fear

Life, O life, will be achievable

Freedom, O freedom will come

And pain? Pain will dance its way out

‘Cause pain;

Is like mist. Like fog. Or like dew

Only thine heart, give to God.

O man, you’re smart,

But cold, very cold in the head

May God guide thou

Hounds the nation eat

Whilst thee head sprawl

In God’s forgiveness and void faith

Here, drink! Drink this wine

For hunger and death will

Squeeze thee dry like wood.

Man, what’s thine faith?

Do you still believe

That thou command here?

But see, thine faith blind thou

‘Cause on willow it wallow

In disarray and death.

What disillusionment!

Thee man  burden thine shoulders with

Of equity. Of Independence. Of liberty?

When will thou wake up

From forevermore slumber?

In seeking cowardice, O man, all you lose

Deaths are worth sometimes

Not decent deaths though

Not deaths embedded in dignity

But brutal deaths

Of man, of women

Men and women who hang

Craving for natural justice

Men sacrificed like sheep

Women sacrificed like rabbits. Like rats

For patriotism. Liberty. Equity. Justice. Transparency.

Are all decent deaths.

Such are deaths that giveth

Joy. Belonging. And dignity.

©Biko Iruti.

This Night, Today

This month,

Mother moaned,

Pain elbowed

Her inside and outside,

Tide of pain rolled

Like dung-ball

In a beetle’s armpits.

Fists clenched,


Eyes full,

To the beauty of life,


And soft lips dancing,

Like a leaf’s skin,


You came.

This night, today,

Darkness roamed,

Wind bowed,

Dogs dozzed,

Doors opened,

Then closed,


You went!

Biko Iruti

Ebbing love

Like ebbing tide, thy love leaves

Ripples in my heart.

©Biko Iruti

Till Sand Become Sugar

Baby, your eyes are a gem

Or sapphire directed to the sun

Angelic like dawnlight

Ostentatious, sharp and magnificent

Like tenderly young moonlight.

Baby, your teeth are light in ocean water

Burning with brilliance in ripples

Surging: Up, down, and sideways

Gliding and caressing earth freshly

Like a feather.

Baby, your face sparkle like fresh wine

It glitters like water in a glass.

Or glitter like a new steel

That’s directed to the moonlight.

Baby, your lips taste of candy apple

While your mouth taste of mint

Chocolate chip.

Baby, your hands on the back of my neck

Is a spasm of emotion

Wrapped in tenderness

And mouthful of affection.

Baby, let me love you

’till sand become sugar

’till mountains kiss

’till the blue of the sky fade

’till my lips are frail

To grasp yours!

©Biko Iruti.

Where should I go?

The sky with a yellowing tint

Like a white-tailed bumblebee glitter

The morning has come, birds chirp

And flutter in the whispers of wind

Hens cackle, sheep baa, and cows boo

Out of their sheds

It’s morning, where should I go?

The dwelling of God is dry like wood

The streams are dry like a bone

The mortal has incurred wrath of the sky

Nobody is sure for how

Long the cloudless sky will last.

Hovering hunger bite so hard

Like a starving scorpion

In the stomachs of the young and old

Those in graves and in life

Like a hungry female wolf.

The wind blow and dust form

On earth’s bosom

And on lips dry of thirst and hunger

A child weep, and a mother can’t feed.

The rain rains upward

Down it has refused to caress

People anticipatingly wait

Like a lover waiting for her

Man to find his path home

After a war.

Men have prayed

Women have lamented

For their children and husbands

They’ve summoned rain

Which is yet to show its face.

A few nights ago

The nation drowned in the spirit

Pleaded and asked God

To send a rain of blessings.

Little effort fluxed with the

Hungry Nationals

While the most with greed: flour hike

Taxes and inequality!

©Biko Iruti

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