Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Thank you for your interest in advertising on Trending Post.

Currently, Trending Post is selling it’s advertising space to any potential advertisers on places likely to receive more impressions such as the home page or the post page.

With a totality of 150,000+ visitors per day and a low average bounce rate of two per cent, your business soon gets to millions of Kenyans within a week.

Now on how to advertise, simply send an e-mail to specifying the type of business you run, the advertising space you would prefer to promote your event/service/business. It could be the top [Header] of the site, Sidebar or Footer.

Also in your e-mail, include the website[url] of the landing page which your potential customers would end up if they clicked on the advert banner.

Once the deal is sealed, an advert is designed and placed on the site. If you have read our Privacy Policy payments are made after the advert is up and running on Trending Post website.

For more information about advertising options on the Trending Post, call us 0702010758